Discover nature through your lens

Slovenia Autumn

 The tour will start in the unspoiled nature of Koroska region, one of the Slovenian regions in the north of  

Slovenia, on the border with Austria. It is known for its unspoiled mountain nature and forests with a wide network of mountain roads. The paths of Koroska offer a variety of exploration trips. The untouched mountain nature assures tranquility and a peaceful respite for the soul. The Meža valley is known for its various natural features, diverse animal life, and unique cuisine and, of course, the friendly and open-hearted people. Many species can be caught in front the lens, including those that are considered endangered in the world.

 Note: It takes considerable effort to find the Apline Ibex. You hike uphill from 1 to 3 hours


Date: 12 october / 17 october Price €  1250,-  exclusief flight. Singleroom €20 p/n  4 persons

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  • Owl
  • Wallcreeper
  • Wallcreeper
  • Wallcreeper
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  • Alpen Steenbok
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  • Ural Owl


Day 1: Chamois and Wallcreeper

Day 2: Wallcreeper in a beautiful area close to Peca Mountain

Day 3: Alpine Ibex high in the mountains

Day 4: Owls (Pygmy Owl, Boreal Owl)

Day 5: We will try to find the best option for last day In consultation with you..... Contact